App Dev Diary

Ben Scheirman and Joe Cieplinski team up to create an app. This podcast documents their journey through ideas, sketching UI, technology choices, design tradeoffs, marketing and more.

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    6: Well that's a crotchet, duh

    Ben & Joe solve the 2-note per string issue, have fun with run loops, and discuss the MVP for the scale trainer app.

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    4. A Guitar Gremlin

    Ben ponders the theory behind how many notes per string to play in a given scale and position. Joe draws his hand. They discuss light versus dark themes, theory versus practicality, and the review flow.

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    3. The "Meh" Hand

    Ben & Joe discuss their experience and thoughts from WWDC 2018. Ben talks about using CADisplayLink to synchronize the audio and UI updates. Joe talks UX of guided practice and his initial take on some of the feedback symbology.

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    2. We're Not Drawing BC Rich Guitars

    Pondering business models, thoughts on setting up a business with 2 founders, some thoughts on modeling & rendering different instruments, and design around guided practice.

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    1. Fully Onboard the Skeuomorphism Train

    Ben & Joe discuss the impetus for this new app, how they will work together, and a tip toe into the AVAudioEngine API for playing guitar sounds programmatically.

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